Friday, September 23, 2016

'Out magazine backlash continues over editorial choices' & other Fri. midday news briefs

The Out magazine puff piece of alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos created a backlash.

Journalists Reprimand Out Magazine for Its Journalism - And the controversy grows. WONDERFUL! 

 Three myths about bisexual people debunked to mark Bi Visibility Day - We don't talk about our bisexual brothers and sisters as much as we should.

 Gay teen sues his Catholic school for depriving him of his senior year - Good luck to him, although I'm not sure about the issue about private religious schools unless they are getting tax dollars.
Trans Teen Gives Tear-Jerking Speech After Student’s Ridiculous Complaint - We must never forget that the issue of lgbt equality is important not just for ourselves but for our lgbt kids. What we do helps the next generation.  

Trump Gives Another Gift To Far Right With New Supreme Court List - This involves the lgbt community and it's scary.

Donald Trump's 'Legion of Homophobia' revisited

In light of the news that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has selected the extremely homophobic Rick Santorum to be one of his advisors, I want to repost this list of Trump's other "advisors."  They are to be his "Evangelical Advisory Board," but I call them the "Legion of Homophobia." You can see why:

Trump seems to be calling out almost every "big-name" anti-lgbt activist to help him create policy, should he become president. That should alarm every lgbt in America.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

'LGBT magazine under fire for 'puff piece' on alt-right figure' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Milo Yiannopoulus
LGBT media condemns Out Magazine for Milo Yiannopoulos puff piece - Picture a young man working for a venomously anti-lgbt publication. He delights in being a so-called provocateur, i.e. making transphobic comments, Islamophobic comments instigating troll attacks, sometimes racial, against celebrities, and being an all-around vicious proud "alt-right" member. One more thing. He is openly gay. It still doesn't take away from the fact that this young man (Milo Yiannopoulos) is a waste of space. But him being gay caused Out magazine to give him a "superficial puff piece" in its magazine. Naturally a lot of folks are angry. And with good reason.(Full disclosure note - I signed the open letter condemning Out for running the puff piece. My decision was for a number of reasons. It's gay men like Milo who once called me a "tar baby.")

Milo Yiannopolous - More information on this young man courtesy of Media Matters.  

NC Guv Lurched To The Right And Now It's Costing Him - How HB2 is biting NC Gov. Pat McCrory in the ass.  

Fired GWU coach accused of
 trying to out athletic director - Oh this is interesting . . .

Here’s How You Can Explain What ‘Queer’ Means To Kids - It's easier than you think. Heck, I'm surprised some kids won't sit their parents down and explain it. This mess from the religious right about the supposed corrupted innocence of children is a crock.

The deliberate ignorance of anti-lgbt activists

According to the above graphics from a defunct Facebook page, the argument over lgbt equality is relatively simple. One one side is a clean cut young man innocently stating his beliefs against the lgbt community and on the other is an angry person calling him names because of it.

The graphic omits a bunch of details. It omits the reliance on denigrating lies against the lgbt community, such as the comparison of gay men to pedophiles. It also omits the reliance on cherry-picked and junk science often used by folks like the young man on the left to make an argument against lgbt equality.

And it also omits the constant attempt to pass laws designed to make us second class citizens. These laws range from allowing businesses to discriminate against us on a religious basis to policing bathroom usage of our transgender brothers and sisters.

Taking all of that into account, how could anyone not agree with the anger of the guy on the right rather than fall for the subterfuge of the guy on the left.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

And now for something completely campy and non-political . . .

Because there are times when even yours truly gets tired of the struggle. And with the election this year, we ALL need a break.

So, instead of a serious post, I present some of the best videos from one of my favorite shows growing up, The Electric Company. And for those asking about certain people - yes, that is Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, Denise Nickerson (Violet Buearegarde from the original Willie Wonka movie), and Todd Graff:

'DC Log Cabin Republicans discussing Trump endorsement' & other Wed. midday news briefs

D.C. Log Cabin weighs Trump endorsement - Oh I can't wait for this one (if it's what I think it will be, I think I would rather wait.)

 Scott Lively Hopes To See Passage Of Russian-Style Anti-Gay Laws In America Under President Trump - Scott Lively is low-level trash, but don't discount this notion. I've been tracking the anti-lgbt right for 10 years and the one big rule I follow is that nothing is for sure. What you make perceive as impossibilities become possibilities just enough to cause problems. 

 Pat McCrory’s shifty gambit: N.C. governor tries to blame pro-gay laws for NCAA boycott - Oh look. We're being blamed for yet another thing. It's not going to work.

North Carolina court rejects anti-gay magistrates case - Do the job or quit the job. It's simple.  

When The Alt-Right Attacks - Ah yes. Cowards target what they think is your vulnerabilities. It doesn't matter who you are (in this case though, we are talking about a same-sex family)

Campaign wants transgender community to 'ask them first' before using restroom

What's worse than religious right groups lying about the lgbt community? It's when they get patronizing:

Minnesotans are the face of a new campaign by a national network of anti-LGBTQ organizations. The campaign, #askmefirst, features Christians imploring schools, businesses, and “transgender activists” to ask them for permission before allowing transgender people to use the bathroom.

A video released with the campaign’s launch last week features Emily and Jamie. The video doesn’t say where the duo are from. Their story is about a school that didn’t “ask them first” before making steps to be inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming youth. The two parents formerly had children at Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul and were outspoken critics of what they call “gender confusion.” Both appeared at a press conference earlier this year with Republican Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen and spoke in support of barring transgender people from using the bathroom.

 In the video released last week, they spoke of a “gender confused student.” Emily said, “This is a battle for our children’s innocence… It’s a battle that I think is worth fighting and I will continue it for other people’s children.”

The Ask Me First campaign was developed by the Family Policy Alliance — formerly called Citizenlink — which provides a network of financial and political assistance for Family Policy Councils throughout the United States including the Minnesota Family Council. 

No, their children's "innocence" is not threatened by transgender boys and girls using bathrooms.  That is a lie which has been refuted continuously. And unfortunately refutations mean nothing to these groups and their supporters because they repeat the lie, as if they believe that constant repetition is the same as truth.

And what's worse is how these ladies claim to be fighting for children. That is the crux when it comes to the absolute moral obscenity of this campaign.

What about transgender children? Don't they have rights? Who is fighting for them? Or do these women, in spite of their perky smiles, June Cleaver personas, and precise talking points, even care about transgender children?

Or could it be that they and the organization behind this monstrosity of a video simply don't care about our transgender kids?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gay soldiers wearing diapers & other predictions that didn't happen after DADT was repealed

To celebrate the fifth year anniversary of the official ending of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' Right Wing Watch took a look at the top five failed predictions the anti-lgbt right made about what would happen should DADT be repealed.

You can go here to read them all but I'm just going spotlight one because it's a doozy:

 Just two years ago, Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain who is now a Colorado Republican state lawmaker, approvingly read a quote from Chaplain John R. Kauffman, who said that gay service members will be “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels.”

Yeah, I don't think that is happening anywhere . . .

'DADT repeal five years later - still work to do' & other Tue. midday news briefs

We still have work to do five years after Congress repealed DADT.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Is Still Destroying Lives - Five years after repeal of DADT, there is still so much work to do.

 Photographer Who Took Iconic Image of 12 Year Old Stopping Anti-Gay Protestors Gets Death Threats - Just sad. 

Mom of Transgender Son Receives Some Hate Mail, But Mostly Support - Absolutely brave family. 

 Sen. Nelson becomes latest to co-sponsor Equality Act - Merrily it rolls along. 

 Pat McCrory’s Utterly Absurd Excuse For Not Repealing HB2 - Keep trying, Pat. You amuse us.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A gay Latino attends a press conference of racist Trump supporters while filming it . . .

Stop me if you hear this joke.

A Latino gay guy goes to an right-wing racist press conference of Trump supporters while filming it. . .

Carlos Maza of Media Matters does what I could never do:

On September 9, three of the country’s most notorious white nationalists held a press conference in Washington, D.C., titled “What Is The Alt-Right?” The event, organized by the white nationalist “think tank” the National Policy Institute (NPI), came in response to growing media interest in the “alt-right” movement. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has helped mainstream the racist movement, including by hiring Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon as his campaign CEO. As the Southern Poverty Law Center has noted, under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart has “has been openly promoting the core issues of the Alt-Right, introducing these racist ideas to its readership.”

'LGBTs dominate the Emmy Awards' & other Monday midday news briefs

Lgbts dominated the Emmys
68th Primetime Emmys: Laverne Cox, Jill Soloway, Jeffrey Tambor share support for trans community from stage - From Louie Anderson to Sarah Paulson. From RuPaul to Kate McKinnon. From the show Transparent to Orphan Black. Lgbt performers and lgbt-oriented shows dominated the Emmy Awards. 

Texas ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Billboards to Come Down Following Pressure From Locals: VIDEO - Good.

 This Gay Man Is Fighting For LGBT Rights In The South And Beyond - Just in case you didn't see it, an interview in The Huffington Post with yours truly.

  This Dad “Hacked His Wife’s Facebook” To Respond To An Anti-Gay Politician - Now THIS is what you call "reading."  

Pat McCrory’s Staff Plants Softball Questions For Governor At Event - McCrory has problems . .

Franklin Graham still trolling for HB2, spreading transphobic lies

NC Gov. Pat McCrory is in the middle of a firestorm over HB2. Businesses are boycotting the state and they are now joined by the NBA, NCAA, and the ACC. Of course this is getting many folks in the state, including legislators who voted for HB2 talking about a repeal.

McCrory seems to be remaining firm in support of that ridiculous law. And backing him up is the Rev. Franklin Graham via twitter and Facebook, where he continues to push inaccuracies about HB2 and the transgender community:

The momentum of public opinion seems to no longer embrace these lies. McCrory would do himself a favor if he stopped listening to this lessening minority of fear. But apparently he wants to do things the hard way.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Same-sex families gain a major victory in Wisconsin

While everyone ruminates over the election, let's not forget that the fight for full lgbt equality goes on. And on that front, same-sex couples and their children just won a major victory in Wisconsin:

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Wisconsin officials discriminated against a married lesbian couple by refusing to list the name of the non-biological mother on their child’s birth certificate.

The couple, Chelsea Torres and Jessamy Torres, had married in New York in 2013 and conceived through artificial insemination in 2014 ― the same year same-sex marriage became legal in Wisconsin.

But when their son was born in 2015, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services denied them a birth certificate listing both of their names ― as the birth mother, only Chelsea was listed in the document.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb said on Wednesday that this practice ― which Wisconsin enforced by law against same-sex couples but not different-sex couples ― is unconstitutional, and ordered the state to read its artificial insemination rules in “gender-neutral terms.”

Full story in The Huffington Post

Thursday, September 15, 2016

'NCAA & ACC boycott getting ugly for NC GOP' & other Thur. afternoon news briefs

Editor's note - If I said it once, I will say it again. I'm going to have to buy a tablet. Today the computers in the public library were offline so that meant no midday news brief. In all honest, this hasn't been a good week in general. Yesterday, I was sick as a dog so I couldn't post but one item. And tomorrow may continue the light posting as I prepare for my blog's 10th anniversary party to be held Saturday.

Just bear with me, folks. You have stood with me for 10 years (and I haven't thanked you all enough for that) so I hope that you can stand with me through this week.

Anyway, enjoy the following news items:

After NCAA, ACC Pull-Out Of North Carolina, Editorials Slam Gov. McCrory For Continued Support Of HB 2 - The fallout from the NCAA and ACC boycotts of NC because of HB2 continues as Gov. McCrory is getting a figurative chunk taken out of him. He deserves it and more. 

NC Republican who voted for ‘bathroom bill’ panics as poll numbers plunge - Enjoy it. You certainly earned it.  

Second GOP NC senator calls for action on HB2 - Two GOP state senators want action on HB2, possibly an appeal. Oh yeah. They are running scared.  

Gay Dads Won't Be Covered by Trump's Maternity Leave Plan - AND she "copped an attitude" when asked about it. She is so saddity.  

Fox’s Sean Hannity Pretends He Doesn’t Care “What Anybody Does In Their Bedroom,” Forgetting His Own Years Of Anti-LGBT Extremism - Hannity once implied that gay men eat each other's feces. As if us lgbts couldn't stand him enough.

NC feeling the heat of boycotts because of HB2

With both the NCAA and ACC boycotting the state because of that awful HB2 law, North Carolina legislators have the eyes of many on them. The question is what will they do? It seems that Gov. McCrory is starting to lose his bravado: